Campus Security Report

Section IV: Reporting a Crime

A. Reporting a Crime in an Emergency

An emergency is any situation where there is risk to human life and/or personal safety, or when a crime is in progress. In the event of an emergency on campus, emergency services are available by calling dispatch at 9(911). Law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical services are all dispatched from this location.

In the event of an off-campus emergency simply dial 911 which will ring into the local authorities.

B. Reporting a Crime in a Non-Emergency

Anyone who has been a victim of a crime or witnessed a crime is strongly encouraged to report the incident to University officials. Campus security will offer assistance in contacting local authorities and will cooperate with any criminal investigation that may result. For non-emergency situations, students and employees should call Campus Security at 283-6333.

C. Franciscan University’s Response to A Report of Crime

University officials will investigate reports of alleged crimes in a timely manner. In some cases, the University may request the assistance of local law enforcement officials in the investigation.

Victims of a crime who do not want to pursue action within the University system or criminal justice system may make a confidential report with the assistant vice president of Student Life.

When the alleged perpetrators of a reported crime are identified as students, the case will be adjudicated internally and the investigation will be the responsibility of the Vice President of Student Life (and/or those appointed by him/her).

Internal judicial or disciplinary measures by the University are not intended to replace or interfere with action in the criminal justice system. Victims of crimes retain the legal right to pursue criminal charges in addition to any internal investigation or proceedings. Criminal investigation by local law enforcement officials, arrest and prosecution can occur independently before, during or after the campus judicial process or employee disciplinary actions. Likewise, the University may pursue its own internal disciplinary measures independent of whether or not criminal charges are filed and/or whether or not they are successfully prosecuted in the criminal justice system

Procedures for Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault crimes procedures can be found in Section V.

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