• Academic Advising

  • Partnering With Your Advisor

    1. Advising lists are recorded on MyFranciscan and posted outside department chair offices. If your name is not on the list, we may not have the correct major for you in our Student Information System. Change-of-Major forms are available at the Registrar’s counter in Starvaggi Hall and Advising Office in Egan 104. After signatures are obtained, please return the forms to the director of Advising in Egan 104 so the changes can be processed quickly.

    2. Make an appointment with your advisor during the scheduling period for the next semester (earlier if possible).
      1. Let the advisor know what your goals are.
      2. Let the advisor know how you are doing with your current courses.
      3. Work out a plan to complete your courses in the most expedient manner so you can graduate on schedule.
      4. If you plan to go to Austria, be sure to let your advisor know this early in your academic program. Some majors can fit Austria into a specific semester, while others are more flexible.
      5. If you go to Austria, be sure that courses you miss are covered either by summer school at FUS or at a local college near your home. (Permission to transfer must be obtained before attending another college.)

    3. Pay attention to deadlines.

    4. If you are having problems in a class, be sure to talk with your professor but also talk with your advisor. The advisor can offer possible solutions or check with other offices to find the answers.

    5. If you change your major during your academic career, be sure to let the previous department advisor know you are changing.

    6. When in doubt, check with your advisor.

    7. After midterm exams, deficiency notices are sent out for students who are doing below C grade level in courses. If you have any, discuss these deficiencies with your advisor. You may withdraw from classes until the deadline for each semester listed on the Academic calendar. After that, you must finish the course.

    Work with your professors and your advisor. They can help you to have a successful semester, a successful year, a successful academic life.

    Advising Worksheet

    The purpose of the Advising Worksheet is to help you and your advisor navigate the classes required for your program. This is not a substitution for meeting with your advisor. Take a copy of your worksheet with you when you meet with your advisor.

    1. Go to MyFranciscan and log in using your student ID
    2. Select the “Academics” tab
    3. Under “Course Needs” click where it says “click here.”
    4. "Recalculate Student Progress" to update your "advising worksheet" before viewing.
    5. When you view your worksheet, keep in mind several things:
      1. A black dot next to a class means you have not taken that class yet and need to do so
      2. The letters “IP” mean “in progress,” which indicate you are currently taking this class
      3. If you have completed a course, a grade will be posted in the right-hand column
      4. Refer to the “Code Key” at the end of the document for more information
    6. Other information contained in your worksheet:
      1. Your major(s) and minor(s)
      2. The name(s) of your advisor(s)
      3. Your current GPA
      4. Number of credit hours earned (does not include credit hours you are currently enrolled in)
    7. Sometimes classes are not always listed where they should be, particularly transfer classes. If there is a discrepancy on your worksheet, please bring a copy of your it to the Advising Office in Egan 104 so that corrections can be made.
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