• Academic Advising

  • Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

    What is the "sophomore slump"?

    The sophomore slump is a time in every student’s college experience where you may feel:

    • Disillusioned
    • Confused (academically, emotionally, personally, spiritually)
    • Difficulty becoming and staying motivated
    • Rebellious toward professors, parents, and sometimes peers
    • Disinterested in your classes, even ones you enjoy
    • Pressure to select a major
    • Doubts about your current major
    • Overwhelmed by the future or what is required of you
    • Depressed or disconnected
    • Temptations to skip class

    What are the root causes of the slump?

    • Being in a major that is not intellectually stimulating or sufficiently interesting
    • A failure to connect with friends
    • Inability to find a meaningful and motivational extracurricular activity
    • An overall feeling of lethargy and lack of energy caused by a poor diet, little sleep, and little to no exercise

    What can I do to prevent or get out of the slump?

    • Explore different majors with the Advising Office
    • Explore careers within your major
    • Join a club on campus
    • Play on an intramural team
    • Get some exercise and have fun
    • Get involved in Works of Mercy
    • Eat right and get enough sleep
    • Set specific, concrete goals you can work toward
    • Talk about your struggles with:
      • Your advisor or RD
      • A counselor on campus
      • A trusted friend
    • Break away from your routine
      • Include activities throughout the week that you enjoy
      • Take up a hobby

    Where should I go if I'm having difficulty?

    • Advising Office
    • Campus Counseling
    • Career Services
    • Student Academic Services
    • Writing Lab
    • Language Learning Lab
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