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  • Hendershott: The True Gift of The Giver

    The Giver is really a gift to us all because it is a reminder of the horrible costs we incur when we trade freedom for the “comfort” that comes from allowing others to make the “right” decisions for us.

    Martin: Life as Preparation for Death

    Indeed, when a man leaves behind the company of other men, and walks toward the seat of divine judgment, there to gaze upon the face of the living God, all pretense and falsehood are stripped away. There is no room for maneuver, no way to disguise the weight of what one has done or become. Then the true worth of a man’s deeds, whether empty straw or sold metal, will be shown in an absolutely piercing light, which is God himself.

    Krason: Politics as a Form of Public Education

    There needs to be a proper mix of education and confrontation. Indeed, to effectively carry out the educative function of politics one has to first create the conditions that make it possible, to clear out the obstacles to it. What this means, among other things, is that one has to “call out” the left.

    Martin: Flannery O’Connor—Fifty Years After

    How incisive she was in cutting through the sentimental syrup, straight to the bone and marrow of real meaning. “The stories are hard,” she would allow, “but they are hard because there is nothing harder or less sentimental than Christian realism. I believe that there are many rough beasts now slouching toward Bethlehem to be born and that I have reported the progress of a few of them.”

    Hendershott: Recovering an Enchanted World

    The child senses from fairy tales that to be a human being in this world of ours means having to accept difficult challenges, but also encountering wondrous adventures, and triumphing over adversity.  Chesterton suggests that children already know there are dragons (and evil) in this world—the task of the fairy tale is to help children realize that the dragons can be conquered.

    Martin: Who Needs Poetry?

    ...despite every gravitational pull of human pessimism, there is never an advantage in choosing nothing. On what possible basis has blank extinction anything to offer? And so the maker of poems stands, resolutely, on the side of life, of being.

    Martin: Our Lady and Her Mission

    Who more than those drawn to Christ, to the attraction awakened by the encounter with Christ, are the ones who live the real with the greatest possible intensity? So much so that they draw others to Christ. To live any other way is to choose death, to join the ranks of the living dead, the walking dead, who will not cast their nets down into the depths.

    Hendershott & Bermudez: Maximizing the Profits in New York City’s Abortion Industry: A Social History

    For more than a century, New York City has been a profit center for the abortion industry. Creating wealth for abortion providers has always been the goal—and that continues today as the most recent data reveals that the ratio of abortions to viable births for women living in New York City is nearly twice that of the national average. Forty percent of all viable pregnancies in the city end in abortion. In some New York City neighborhoods, the ratio is much higher.

    Krason: When Man is the Measure of All Things

    The implication for politics of putting man in place of God, Wiker tells us, was the rise of modern ideologies (like communism, fascism, and Nazism)—which were, in essence, substitute human-fashioned religions—and the aggressive, brutal, and totalist states that came with them. The results, then, were the same as with Islamism. The only difference is that here men outright rejected God. Man becomes God in all but name.

    Hendershott: Anglicans Set to Remove Satan from Baptismal Rite

    ...the Church of England is losing its sense of sin—and its need for salvation. More than 60 years ago, T.S. Eliot wrote about the sense of alienation that occurred when social regulators—like the church—began to splinter and the controlling moral authority of a society is no longer effective. He suggested that a “sense of sin” was beginning to disappear.

    Hendershott: Marginalizing Catholic Teaching One Grant at a Time

     ...the recent attack on San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Codileone by Faithful America demonstrates that the real assault on the teaching authority of the Catholic Church is now coming from two gay billionaires—Tim Gill and Jon Stryker—who are doing everything they can to discredit Church teaching on sexual morality by directly attacking the Magisterium.

    Gan: Amazon Turns Up the Heat - Should you get a Fire Phone?

    “Amazon Prime brings so much joy to the world,” Bezos also said. It might be more accurate to say that Amazon Prime brings a smile to Jeff Bezos if people are subscribing to Amazon Prime and buying more stuff from him. It’s classic business marketing and sales, but it feels manipulative, encouraging a culture to adopt an attitude of consuming more than it can afford.

    Martin: Prayer as a Political Problem: A Classic Reconsidered

    The real challenge, then, is to forge an alliance between the two that is so respectful of the harmonics that it disturbs neither prayer nor politics. Again, Danielou puts it best. How, he asks, “are society and religion to be joined without either making religion a tool of the secular power or the secular power a tool of religion?” In other words, we don’t want Father Brown running the city; nor do we want Mayor Jones presiding over the parish. Yet there ought to exist some interplay between the two worlds since man, the subject of this whole exercise, equally inhabits both the sacred and the profane...

    Hendershott: What’s Behind Pelosi’s Attack on Archbishop Cordileone?

    The real story here is the betrayal of the bishops by those like John Gehring, formerly the Assistant Director of Media Relations at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, who now works at the George Soros-funded Faith in Public Life/Faithful America. It is activists like Gehring who are providing the real power behind Pelosi’s threats.

    Martin: Justice Beyond the Grave: The Vindication of Cardinal Danielou

    There must always be room for adoration, yes, even amid the affairs and arrangements of this world.   Otherwise we should all be left in a state of “spiritual asphyxiation,” which he described with chilling precision as a situation in which men are “left literally gasping for breath.”   It would be a most fearful state of destitution, in which human beings are thrown back on themselves, deprived of the breath of God. Shorn of all sense of the sacred, of those times and places men choose in order to kneel before God, they simply could not go on living and would thus die of despair.

    Gan: Virtual Reality and the Oculus Rift

    Technology that we wear, glasses that transpose information on our surroundings, headsets that immerse us in new virtual spaces--multiple new wearable smart devices are set to be released soon. A few have already been released to developers and early adopters. And you’re going to have to make some choices about the types of wearable smart devices you embrace, or not. You want to be smart about your decisions by paying close attention to some key issues about wearable tech.

    Gan: On World Communications Day: Is the Internet a Gift from God?

    Holy Internet Batman! Gift from God? I thought they said Al Gore invented the Internet! Pope Francis released a 2014 World Communications Day message saying that the Internet is “something truly good, a gift from God.”  Are we looking at a media-savvy Pope? Or is this a variation of a “can’t beat ‘em so join ‘em” kind of resignation? Maybe even a new marketing angle for the Catholic Church to attract the young and tech-savvy?

    Krason: Governor Corbett’s Foolish Calculation

    Actions such as those of Corbett are troubling on a deeper, more profound level. He is apparently one of the typical politicians of today who can’t fathom the civilizational crisis that confronts us, or are just caught up in the day-to-day routine tasks of governing—“maintaining,” if you will—and can’t see past them, or simply are governed by the imperatives of politics.

    Martin: When Bishops Earn Our Gratitude

    Isn’t it about time for all the bishops to step up to the plate and declare, not just where the Church stands on these issues of life and love, but what precise sanctions exist in order to enforce the importance of what it is she believes? How will the world be moved to believe in Christ if his Bride, the Church, can’t even keep her own house in order? What else does it mean to call her Mater et Magistra...

    Hendershott: Progressives Eat Their Own in Virginia

    Continuing their commitment to silence anyone who might stand in the way of their agenda, gay and lesbian groups are now beginning to criticize supporters who are thought to be insufficiently loyal. The most recent case involves Douglas Laycock... A man with impeccable progressive credentials, Laycock has been a longtime supporter of gay rights and same-sex marriage—filing an amicus brief in the 2012 Supreme Court case, United States v. Windsor that urged the court to extend same-sex marriage benefits to every state in the union.

    His offense? Laycock supports religious liberty.

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