Worksite Wellness Program

FAQs regarding the 2011 Worksite Wellness Program

  1. How do I begin to participate in the program?

    To begin:
    1. Go online to the Highmark website and login, then navigate to their Lifestyle Returns page.
    2. Take the Pledge, which is your commitment to improving your health and meeting the program requirements.
    3. Complete your Wellness Profile online.

      Note: You must know your blood pressure reading and cholesterol numbers before starting the Profile; once you start it you cannot go back and change/add information. This profile is for your use and share with your doctor. Nobody at the University will see your personal information.  
    4. Get your preventive care exams based upon your age and gender and enter the appointment date in the program online. Try to make the appointments as early as possible in the year to get a clear picture of your health status and to deal with anything that might arise in the exams. Participate in the recommended wellness activities based upon your Profile. For each of these activities or exams you will earn points towards the goal of 150 points to receive the $300 cash incentive.

  2. Who is eligible for this incentive?

    All employees and spouses who are currently eligible for the University medical insurance plan (Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield) or buyout are eligible for this incentive program.

  3. What are the “Health and Wellness Programs” in Lifestyle Returns (LSR)?

    Some of these Health and Wellness Programs will be offered on campus, like our regular aerobics classes, Lunch and Learns, Healthy Holidays or will be available online: Nourish-nutrition program, Relax-stress management program, Care for your back- self management of back pain, and other online programs for your health. Each will earn points towards your goal of 150 points.

  4. How will I track my participation in these programs?

    You will enter all information online at the Highmark webpage and at the end of the program year, (Oct. 31, 2012), Highmark will provide the University with a list of all those who have completed the requirements for granting the incentives. Employees who are not enrolled in the Highmark health insurance plan will still be able to access these programs online as long as you are eligible for the medical insurance plan or buy out.

  5. What should I do if I am not enrolled in the Highmark insurance plan but still want to participate in the incentive program?

    As long as you or your spouse is eligible for the insurance buyout you can participate in the incentive program. Contact Mary Lynn Lewis at Human Resources to complete an application form to become an “Associate Member” of Highmark. Highmark will send you an ID card by mail with your personalized number giving you access to the Lifestyle Returns programs online.

  6. If I exercise 3 times per week can that count towards this incentive program?

    Yes, you will go online and log in your exercise days to earn the points under Fitness Workouts. NB: Each exercise date must be entered within 4 wks of completion to get credit.  

  7. How can I find out about LSR programs activities offered on campus?

    Some activities will be available online at the webpage, and the ones offered on campus will be announced in the University Bulletin. For those spouses who would like an emailed copy of the University Bulletin please notify Joe Loizzo

  8. Do I need a new login and password to access the Highmark webpage?

    No, you should be able to use your old password from last year whether you are a Highmark member or Associate Member.

  9. 9. Can I still participate if I have a health condition that limits my activity level?

    Yes, with documentation from your physician certain accommodations can be made. See Joe Loizzo, x7217.

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