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Music for Hymnal Released

Posted: Monday, February 4, 2008

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STEUBENVILLE, OH-Canticle: Guitar Accompaniment, Franciscan University's new music accompaniment book, is now available in the University Bookstore.

Much anticipated by music leaders across the country, the newly released music edition provides the melody line and chords for approximately 500 of the songs found in the pew edition of the Canticle hymnal, which is used by the Franciscan University student body during daily liturgies in the campus chapel.

For the musician's benefit, the accompaniment is produced in a binder format, and includes numerous indexes and guitar chord charts. The blend of traditional and contemporary songs, as well as Gregorian chant and praise and worship, makes it an ideal resource for any parish music ministry group.

The accompaniment may be purchased for $69.95 at the University Bookstore or by calling toll free 1-888-333-0381. It may also be ordered online through the University's Web site at by clicking on "bookstore" and then on "Canticle accompaniment." The Canticle hymnal is also available on the University's Web site for $14.95.

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