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God is the foundation, inspiration, and destination.

The relentless pursuit of truth is an ever expanding, never-ending adventure. The more we learn about God and his creation, the greater and more exciting the vistas that open up, waiting to be explored.

The Catholic intellectual tradition is unparalleled in history in that pursuit. Anchored firmly to the magisterium, the sure guide and guardian of truth, the first universities were founded by the Catholic Church, holding to St. Anselm’s maxim, “I believe so that I might understand.”

In Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Pope St. John Paul II said Catholic universities have the “privileged task to unite…the search for truth, and the certainty of already knowing the fount of truth.” Reason and faith meet most especially on Catholic university campuses.

Franciscan University stands firmly in this tradition that has benefited humanity so greatly. We hold faithfully to the teaching authority of the magisterium while boldly pursuing all truth accessible to the curious mind. Since all truth is from God and leads back to God, every honest pursuit of truth will begin with what God has revealed—whether written on the human heart, accessible to reason without direct revelation, or accessible only through direct revelation—and be consonant with what his Church teaches.

The Catholic faith, especially as expressed in our Franciscan heritage, is also fundamentally evangelistic. In the classroom, on campus, and beyond, every University activity arises from our commitment to promote the moral, spiritual and religious values our students need, so that they might spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Everything from our liturgical life and eucharistic adoration to athletics and on-campus concerts strengthens the character of our students, equipping them to be salt and light for the world today.

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