Faculty Profile

Dr. Patrick Lee

John N. and Jamie D. McAleer Chair in Bioethics
Director, Franciscan University Center for Bioethics


When Dr. Patrick Lee made the decision to leave another Catholic university to come and teach at Franciscan University in 1992, he did so for many reasons—the depth of the faith life at Franciscan, the rigor of the University’s intellectual community, and the zeal of the students for the Church. But there was one reason that carried more weight than the others.

Says Lee, “It’s where I wanted my kids to go.”

More than a decade later, with six of those children now holding Franciscan diplomas (and three more still at home), Lee continues to dedicate himself to applying both faith and reason in the philosophy classroom, where he is increasingly focused on bioethics issues.

According to Lee, there is a “ real hunger among healthcare professionals and others for guidance with a solid Catholic emphasis.” He contributes to that work not only through his teaching, but also through his many writings, speaking engagements, and media interviews on abortion, stem cell research, and euthanasia, as well as the organization of annual conferences on human life issues for healthcare professionals and philosophers.

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