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    Website Evaluation Survey 2013

    We know Franciscan.edu needs some upgrades. We want to hear from you, the user, because if the site doesn’t work for you then it doesn’t work! Please answer these few questions about your experience so we can make this site as user-friendly and effective as it can be. God bless!

    1. You Are A:    

    2. You came to franciscan.edu today looking for:


    3. Did you find it or already know where it is? 

    4. If you are a regular visitor, what else do you normally look for on our site?

    5. Have you found these things easily, with difficulty, or not at all? And where did you look for them?

    6. In general, can you usually find what you are looking for on this site without using the search box? 

    7. Is there anything that you have had great difficulty locating? If so, what was it and where did you think to look for it?

    8. How frequently do you come to franciscan.edu?

    9. What function or technology would you like to see added to this site?


    10. 10) What do you like best about franciscan.edu?

    11. 11) What do you like least about franciscan.edu?

    12. 12) If you are not a student or employee of Franciscan University, has your experience on this site made you more or less likely to return to it in the future?

    13.   (Optional) Your name and email address:

    That's it! Please click on the submit button to share your answers with us. Thanks!




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