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  • Kelli Butler
    Kelli Butler - Student Testimonial  

    Class of 2012
    Majors: Communication Arts

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    Michael Villanueva
    Michael Villanueva - Student Testimonial  

    Class of 2009
    Majors: Philosophy, Theology

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    Pauline Smith
    Pauline Smith_small

    Class of 2006
    Majors: Humanities & Catholic Culture, and Theology

    “When I came to Franciscan, I had signed up for everything,” Pauline Smith laughs. “Honors, classics, humanities… Fortunately, the first person I saw for advising was Prof. James Gaston.

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    David Hickson
    David Hickson small pic

    Class of 2006
    Major: Spanish

    The summer before he graduated from Franciscan University in 2006 with a degree in Spanish, David Hickson graduated from Marine Officer Candidate School. He knew exactly what he was going to be: a Marine Officer. But after much time in prayer and struggling to find peace, he realized that he simply couldn’t kill other human beings. He turned down his commission and thought he was going to the seminary to be a Navy chaplain, but he didn’t find peace that route either. Then, Hickson decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and teach.

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    Cate Shultis

    Class of 2009
    Majors: Philiosophy, Theology, Honors Program

    “Discussing the greatest ideas of the Western tradition and seeing how they developed and changed throughout history, taught us to think, reason, and communicate,” Cate says. “Studying these works introduced me to our great Catholic tradition.”

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    Amy Gallwas

    Class of 2010
    Major: Sacred Music (Voice)

    Amy Gallwas can’t remember life without music. “It’s always been in my family,” she says. Her mother, aunts, uncle, and grandmother all played and sang, helping to foster her love of music, and she joined her first choir in fourth grade.

    “I had my first solo,” she remembers with a laugh. “It was really scary; my knees were shaking the whole time.”

    Singing became more exciting than it was scary, though, and Amy eventually wound up...

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    Kathryn Barton

    Class of 2009
    Major: Anthropology, Honors Program

    When Kathryn Barton was in elementary school, she studied the ancient Egyptians and decided that when she grew up, she was going to be an archaeologist. Over the years, she lost touch with that desire, and when she entered Franciscan University as a freshman, Kathryn registered for a more “practical” major.

    The following summer, she found herself cleaning museum exhibits on Mackinac Island, Michigan, and was reminded of how much she enjoyed the work. When she returned to Steubenville in the fall...

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    Georges Montillet

    Class of 2003
    Major: Classics

    Georges Montillet has always had a knack for learning languages. His first language is French, but to hear him speaking Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, German, English, Arabic, or Persian, you wouldn’t know it.

    “It’s allowed me to make friends around the world,” Georges says. He means that literally..."

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    David Norton
    David Norton small

    Class of 2007
    Major: Computer Information Science
    Minor: Business Management

      Computers and business are increasingly interrelated, and understanding both can allow you to help others, 2007 graduate David Norton says. Norton has combined his degrees in ...

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    Edward Sanok
    Edward Sanok small

    Class of 2003
    Major: Political Science

     “Political science helped make me more well-rounded and better able to evaluate things. I understood, much better than those simply taking a scientific approach, that philosophy drives policy, that policy drives law, and that law drives history.”

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    Tom Byrnes
    Tom Byrnes proile pic small

    Class of 2001
    Major: Political Science, Spanish

      Since graduating from Franciscan University in 2001, Lt. Tom Byrnes has been involved in many things he had never expected, such as working with Iraqi officials in Baghdad as a Navy JAG lawyer.

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    Michelle Kafel
    Michelle Kafel small

    Class of 2004
    Major: English

    Michelle Kafel had plans to study theatre in New York City when her parents made her an offer that redirected her to Franciscan University. “[They] basically said, ‘Listen, you can go anywhere you want, but we’ll only pay for Steubenville,’” the 26-year-old actress recalls.

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    Maribeth Nolan
    Maribeth Nolan smallpic

    Class of 2007
    Majors: Social Work, Theology

    Most undergraduate social work students go straight from graduation to a graduate program. Maribeth Nolan went straight to Ecuador. "I can’t believe it’s only been two and a half years,” Nolan says.

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    Angela Coppa
    Angela Coppa small
    Photo by Bertrand Roberts

    Class of 2005
    Major: Finance

    Angela Coppa knew she wanted an accounting career in New York City.  She also knew it would take dedication and work to achieve her dreams.

    After graduating from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2005 with a degree in finance, Coppa spent a year and a half doing technical accounting for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New Jersey, then transferred to PwC's New York City office...

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    Patrick Nagurny
    Patrick Nagurny small

    Class of 2008
    Major: Computer Information Science

    Computers really do connect all corners of the world, and a degree in computer information science can, too—just ask Patrick Nagurny.  The 2008 Franciscan University graduate is participating in a yearlong exchange program for young professionals in Germany this year.  Only 75 Americans annually are accepted,...

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    Kelly Lee
    Kelly Lee small

    Class of 2006
    Major: Business/Marketing

    After spending just eight months in corporate America after graduation, Kelly Lee knew that she wanted to be her own boss.  In the three years since,...

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    Peter Bremberg
    Peter Bremberg small pic

    Class of 2006
    Majors: Finance and Philosophy

    When he graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2006, Peter Bremberg didn’t expect to wind up working in India.  After two years at a New York financial firm...

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    Fr. Kim Schreck
    Father Kim Schreck small pic

    Class of 2001
    Majors: Theology and Philosophy

    Kim Schreck first learned about Franciscan University shortly after he returned to the Catholic Church. A girl he met on a retreat told him, “You’d love it there. You’d fit right in.”

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    Phil Rosensteel
    Phil Rosensteel small pic

    Class of 2005
    Major: Communication Arts (Radio/TV)

    Three years after graduating from Franciscan University, Phil Rosensteel had the confidence and edge to launch his own production company in Baltimore. Through Wired Different Media, Inc., Phil engages his passion to create technically and artistically excellent media...

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    Mallory McCloskey

    Class of 2007
    Majors: Catechetics and Theology

    Mallory McClosky attended Franciscan University’s youth conferences throughout high school and seriously considered attending the University. When it came time to make the decision, however, she opted for a secular school where she could define herself and her Catholic faith by needing to defend it.

    After one year of defining and defending, Mallory became certain the Lord was calling her to transfer to Franciscan.

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    Maggie Mosher

    Class of 2005
    Major: Education

    Since she graduated from Franciscan University, Maggie Mosher has become an award-winning special education teacher at St. Agnes Catholic School in Roeland Park, Kansas. Her extensive work with students with disabilities...

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    Brian Burke
    Brian Burke small

    Class of 2007
    Majors: Biology and Theology

    In the jungles of South America, Brian Burke ’07 found his calling.

    “I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue medicine,” he recalls, “until I went to Ecuador.”

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    Chrissy Wilson
    Chrissy Wilson small

    Class of 2001
    Major: Nursing

    Chrissy (Quinn ’01) Wilson always knew she wanted to be a nurse. The youngest of eight children, with older siblings who attended Franciscan University, the choice for a nursing program was also obvious. Knowing it was a big commitment...

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    John Henry Crosby
    John Henry Crosby small

    Class of 2000
    Majors: Philosophy and History

    John Henry Crosby grew up with a passion for Beethoven and Mozart. He studied the violin and intended to give his life to music until, like his father, Franciscan University professor Dr. John Crosby, a passion for philosophy...

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    Kevin Schmiesing, PhD

    Class of 1994

     Major: History

    Two high school teachers first challenged Kevin Schmiesing to do more serious reading about history, a subject that had always fascinated him. Their classes focused on the history of ideas...

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