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Welcome to Career Services!

From the moment you step on campus we have a vested interest in helping you determine what you want to do once you leave this campus—internship, graduate school, job market, etc.

Our office is located in Starvaggi Hall, room 101, top floor next to Admissions.

2 Most Important Things:

  1. Come and talk to us.
  2. Come to Workshops.


We'll help you with your next step! Which of these applies to you?

• I'm new here, don't know what to major in, and don't even know what questions to ask! HELP!

  • You need Career Coaching. We'll talk about possible career paths, major and minor programs that would be good for you, and what you need to do as part of your Four-Year Plan to graduate with the knowledge and experience right for you. 

• I'm well on my way and need help taking the next step.

The Foundation

At Franciscan University the career planning process is initiated with the assumption that you are predisposed to hear the Lord so that you can prayerfully discern and affirm the ways God has gifted you for service and mission. God has entrusted to you and does expect you to invest your talents, abilities, skills and values in work that is purposeful. Your efforts are to meet the needs of yourself, your family, others and His plan.

You will be making some critical career related decisions during your college tenure. As you make these decisions, you are encouraged to discuss these with your advisors and to take the time to seek out other resources that may be helpful. Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R., in his book, What Does God Want?, talks about the need to make decisions that conform to God's will, encourage conversion, are consistent, confirm and allow the heart to say "yes." It may be worth your time to read this book as a resource. It is available in the bookstore.

A student interested in accomplishing these goals is urged to consider the career planning process through the support of the Career Services staff here at the university. We can assist you in gaining direction if you are undecided or confused about career direction or even if you just need some affirmation that you are on the right track. We can provide help in researching and deciding about graduate school, preparing and conducting a job search or just helping you to increase your self-awareness and developing new coping skills to ease the transition to employment.

Contact us via the online form to schedule an appointment!

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