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  • Dr. Patrick Lee -- Embryonic Human Beings 
    “Embryonic Human Beings,” The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy 22 (2006), 424-438.

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Embryonic Stem Cell Research 
    April 22, 2008, “Embryonic Stem Cell Research,” University of Wisconsin at Wausau, Wausau, Wisconsin.

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Evil as Such is a Privation 
    “Evil as Such is a Privation,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2007).

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Germain Grisez's Christian Humanism 
    "Germain Grisez’s Christian Humanism," American Journal of Jurisprudence 46 (2002), 137-152.

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Human Embryos are Subjects of Rights 
    March 27, 2008, lecture: “Human Embryos are Subjects of Rights,” Lecture at Inception for Chair in Bioethics, at Bioethics Conference, Franciscan University

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Human Nature and Moral Goodness 
    “Human Nature and Moral Goodness,” in Mark Cherry, ed., The Normativity of the Natural (New York: Springer, 2009), 45-54.

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Human Person as Body and Soul 
    August 14, 2008 “The Human Person as Body and Soul,” Conference for Christian Students, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Interrogational Torture 
    “Interrogational Torture,” American Journal of Jurisprudence 51 (2006), 131-147.

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Is it Morally Right to End Early Human Life? 
    May 2, 2008, “Is it Morally Right to End Early Human Life?” panel discussion with Jeff McMahan, Don Marquis, and Peter Singer, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

    Dr. Patrick Lee -- Knowledge and Faith in Thomas Aquinas, in Faith and Philosophy 
    Review: John I. Jenkins, Knowledge and Faith in Thomas Aquinas, in Faith and Philosophy 18 (2001), 127-131.

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