In Defense of Religious Liberty

Unite with Franciscan University in prayer for the restoration of religious liberty

Freedom of religion ranks first among American's Bill of Rights and is a gift from God, not the State. The current HHS mandate is an affront to people of faith and conscience throughout this land. The U.S. bishops recently requested prayer and fasting to combat the unjust infringements of our rights of conscience and religion.

Franciscan University believes that prayer can move mountains and this is exactly what is needed at this time. The University calls upon our entire family to pledge to pray specifically for the restoration of religious liberty in our nation. Please show your commitment by "signing" the pledge below. We will post tallies of how many have signed.



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 I pledge to unite my prayers to those of the entire Franciscan University family, entreating God to move the hearts and minds of those in government to recognize and respect our God-given right to practice our faith and live according to our conscience.


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