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TitleModern Language Assistant
DepartmentModern Languages and Literature
Step Level4
DutiesAssist one or more professors in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures with alphabetizing and filing; general work and data processing tasks; running of on-campus errands; simple pre-marking tasks pertaining to the lower-level language courses in the language for which the student is an assistant (i.e. checking of multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank type items; checking homework assignments/exercises for completeness and accuracy); general assistance with preparation of course materials, especially with the generation of electronic course materials; occasional assistance with professors' class sessions (i.e. AV recording student presentations, etc.); occasional tutoring/help sessions, especially with students in lower-level language courses. Other duties as assigned.
QualificationsMinimum 2.5 overall GPA. Registered (or graduated) with at least a minor in the language for which the student wants to be considered as an assistant, registered (or graduated) major strongly preferred. Excellent language skills and a minimum 3.3 GPA in the major courses in that language program with at least 6 credits completed at the 290-400 level. Excellent interpersonal skills. Able to handle confidential materials and treat most everything related to this position/job as confidential. Able to follow and execute detailed instructions. Dual platform computer skills (word and data processing, spread sheets, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Writer, scanning, photo and video-editing, CD and DVD burning, etc) preferred.
Contact NameBeate T Engel-Doyle
SupervisorChair, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
Contact Phone(740) 284-5287
Contact Emailengeldoyle@franciscan.edu
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