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TitleSodexo Food Service Worker- Antonian Hall
DepartmentSodexo Campus Dining
Step Level1
DutiesMaintaining the beverage line during meal times; keep all beverage dispensers full, clean the areas around the beverage line and make sure cups are available, assisting in the cafeteria kitchen; serving food off the line to customers, filling empty condiments and dessert/bread area and supporting cooks, working in the dishroom; preparing dishes for the dish machine and then stacking clean dishes & utensils, stocking dishes & utensils in the dining room, and moderate janitorial duties.
QualificationsGood interpersonal skills, able to perform moderate lifting, and to work at a steady pace to keep up with large flow of customers.
Contact NamePatrick Bohinski
SupervisorSodexo Production Manager
Contact Phone(740) 283-6274
Contact Emailpbohinski@franciscan.edu
NotesNOT A FRANCISCAN UNIVERSITY POSITION. This position is an employee of Sodexo Campus Services. This position starts at $7.70/hour. Eligible for increases after each semester. Paid on a weekly basis.
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