Costs and Fees Schedule

Steubenville Campus

All rates become effective with the opening of the Mini Summer Session in May 2014

Tuition - Day Division:
Undergraduate, Full-time (12 - 18 Credit Hours) US$23,470
per year
Undergraduate, Part-time (per credit hour) 785 per credit
Graduate MA Day Program (per credit hour) 685 per credit
Graduate Prerequisites (Undergraduate Courses):
per credit
per credit
Graduate Counseling Master's Plus for licensure (per credit hour) 265 per credit
Summer Undergraduate (per credit hour) 460 per credit
Summer Archaeology Dig - Undergraduate 500  
Summer Archaeology Dig - Graduate (per credit hour) 400
per credit
Tuition - Evening Division:  
Undergraduate, Part-time only (per credit hour) 250
per credit
MBA (per credit hour) 500 per credit
MS Education (per credit hour) 400
per credit
MS Nursing (per credit hour)** 500
per credit
Tuition - Online Division:  
MBA (per credit hour) 500
per credit
MS Education (per credit hour) 400
per credit
MCAT (per credit hour)** 500
per credit
Undergraduate (per credit hour) 500
per credit
Room and Board:
 —regular residence hall. See Assisi Heights room fees here.
per semester
Board for Nineteen Meal Plan  (more Meal Plan Details) 1,675
per semester
Student Fee - Full-time (12 to 18 credit hours) 460
per year
Student Fee - Part-time (per credit hour) 16
per credit
New Student Fee



Study Abroad Programs

Franciscan University offers study abroad opportunities to Gaming, Austria, Oxford, England, and other places.

Austria Program
Tuition Undergraduate, Full-time -- 12 to 18 credit hours 11,735 per semester
Room and Board 4,000 per semester
Austria Fee 850 per semester
International Health Insurance - estimated $150* per semester
Entrance Visa - estimated $150* per semester

For information about all other study abroad opportunities please review the information at the study abroad pages.

The comprehensive charge for any combination of undergraduate courses (Day and/or Evening) totaling 12-18 credit hours will be at the Day, Undergraduate, Full-time rate. All undergraduate hours above 18 will be charged at the Part-time rate.
No graduate courses are included in the comprehensive undergraduate charge for 12-18 credit hours.
*Subject to change
** $50.00 fee applies for each clinical taken.
See University catalog for other fees which may apply.
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