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  • "AccessFUS" Single Sign-On Starting October 25

    This is part of an ongoing effort to streamline online interactions with Franciscan University of Steubenville systems.

    October 20, 2017

    One login, all of Franciscan University of Steubenville.

    Beginning on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, students, faculty, and staff will have an easier time logging into the many applications used to do things online here at Franciscan University of Steubenville. 

    "Over time the number of software applications in use across campus has increased tremendously,” said Nancy Oliver, director of Information Technology Services. “Different systems are presently linked from different places and users are forced to remember a multitude of usernames and passwords.  Moving to ‘AccessFUS,’ which is a single sign-on solution, will greatly alleviate this problem.”

    When AccessFUS launches in the early morning hours of October 25 many of these systems will be connected to one central login at

    "So if a user wants to use MyFranciscan, email, Blackboard, and the Library all in the same session they no longer will have to log into each system separately.” 

    When a user logs into AccessFUS they will see two lists: the top list will be systems that they are logged into by having logged into AccessFUS, the second will be systems that users will still have to log into separately. "The goal is to make all of the systems log in via AccessFUS, but that will take time,” says Oliver.

    A few additional notes about how AccessFUS will work that Oliver noted:


    1. Users can still log out of individual programs—like email or MyFranciscan—after logging into AccessFUS, and doing so will not affect other programs one is logged into. So logging out of MyFranciscan will not log one out of Blackboard or email. 
    2. On public computers here on campus, just as it is now, logging out of the computer will log the user out of AccessFUS.
    3. AccessFUS will retain a login for 100 minutes. So for 100 minutes from the time of logging into AccessFUS, or until the user manually logs out, a user will not have to specifically log into any of the programs connected to AccessFUS and can go among those programs without logging in again. Note that Blackboard, Salesforce, and the campus email system will not be affected by the 100 minute limit.


    Oliver made clear that “the launch of AccessFUS is part of concerted effort on the part of Information Technology Services to ensure a more positive and seamless technology experience for our students, faculty, and staff.”

    More information is available at the Information Technology Services pages. Further questions about using AccessFUS can be direct to Information Technology Services at 740-283-4357 or

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