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  • Franciscan Launches Online Associate Degree Programs in Theology and Philosophy

    Programs Begin Fall 2017; Franciscan Now Offers Six Online Degree Programs

    June 06, 2017

    STEUBENVILLE, OHIO—Franciscan University of Steubenville has expanded its online offerings with two new programs—an associate of arts degree in philosophy and an associate of arts degree in theology.

    The programs begin in fall 2017 and will be offered each fall, spring, and summer, with the option of taking classes one-by-one or up to five at a time.

    Both programs offer the flexibility and affordability that comes with online learning and will appeal to high school students who want to get a head start on college, high school graduates working toward coming to Franciscan University, as well as anyone seeking deeper knowledge of theology or philosophy.

    All credits earned online are transferable to Franciscan's on-campus programs. Tuition is affordably priced, and financial aid is available for those who qualify.

    "Franciscan's online AA Theology Program provides foundational knowledge about the Catholic faith and how to serve the Church and transform the culture, while answering questions about God and man; good and evil," said Dr. Stephen Hildebrand, chair of Franciscan University's Theology Department. "It will serve as a first step to a career in many Church ministry positions including youth ministry, music ministry, parish and diocesan administration, and other professions."

    Franciscan's online AA Philosophy Program "trains the mind to see the world clearly, think through problems systematically, and grow in the understanding of God and man and the challenging ideas that shaped Western Civilization," said Dr. Paul Symington, chair of Franciscan University's Philosophy Department. "Many employers seek out philosophy majors, knowing their rigorous intellectual training makes them valuable employees in business, journalism, law, education, public service, Church ministry, and other professions."

    Perhaps the strongest feature of an associate degree from Franciscan University is its internationally respected faculty. Both the theology and philosophy faculty have taken the Oath of Fidelity and are fully committed to teaching the truth of the Catholic faith as it is found in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

    The online associate degree programs join Franciscan's online master's degree programs in catechetics and evangelization, theology and Christian ministry, business administration, and education.

    To find out more about Franciscan University's associate of arts programs in theology and philosophy or other online programs, visit or contact Online Enrollment at 740-284-5239 or

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