The Mission of Franciscan University

The complete expansion of the mission statement, summarized below, is available here

The purpose of Franciscan University is to
further the higher education of men and women through programs of
liberal, professional, and pre-professional studies leading to the
conferral of the baccalaureate and master degrees in the arts and

It is the further purpose of the University, publicly identified as a
Catholic and a Franciscan institution, to promote the moral, spiritual,
and religious values of its students. The University is guided by the
example and teaching of St. Francis of Assisi. To accomplish this
mission, the University embraces the following general policies:

  • Intellectual and Faith Community: The specific vocation of a student is intellectual development.
  • Evangelization: Through academic and co-curricular
    programs, the University promotes the ongoing and deepening of life in
    the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Church.>
  • Dynamic Orthodoxy: The University has embraced this
    concept as a policy standard for its life, thereby striving to promote
    and maintain a balanced commitment to truth and life in its faith
  • Christian Maturity: The University recognizes that
    its ultimate purpose is to graduate men and women who are able to take a
    mature, responsible approach to life.
  • Good Stewardship: The University recognizes that
    its greatest resources are its people and pledges to treat each person
    with dignity and respect.

These five general policies are the basis for many specific policies, including:

  • Academic: The University is a teaching institution,
    which values research primarily for advancing the scholarship of the
    faculty. The University requires some specific courses and some balanced
    selection of courses to promote liberal arts education and the
    importance of theological studies and basic philosophy. The University
    also promotes responsible academic freedom which includes observance of
    the 1940 AAUP statement.
  • Student Life: The University desires all its
    programs to be guided by the law of love. Specifically, the University
    welcomes entertainment and recreational activities that upbuild the
    lives of those involved; promotes participation in physical health
    programs and athletic activities; promotes personal and spiritual
    development, particularly through faith households; provides, within its
    means, counseling and other support services as appropriate; supports
    Christian morality and respect for life; embraces a Catholic worldview;
    encourages service off campus to the poor as an essential part of a
    student’s educational experience.

Finally, the University commits itself to this mission believing that
it is promoting a normal, mature, Franciscan, Catholic, Christian way
of life for its students. It believes that its norms for both academic
and co-curricular development are rooted in long and proven tradition
and are as relevant today as they were in times past. The University
commits itself to ongoing prayer so that it may be humble before the
face of God and receptive to those graces and blessings it needs to
serve this mission.


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