Academic Minor Programs

Students can minor in any of the major programs by following the guidelines for that program, plus Franciscan University is pleased to offer a handful of special minors.

Specific course requirements for the academic minors
are listed in the catalog with information about the given academic degree program.

General Guidelines for Minors

A minor in a second academic area is available to students who are
earning an undergraduate degree in a primary area. A minor requires a
minimum of 18 semester credit hours with a 2.00 quality point average.

Transfer Students

To qualify for an academic minor, transfer students must earn at least 6
graded semester credit hours in upper-level classes at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Special Minor Programs

The following programs are available as minors, but not as majors.

Exercise Science

Biology Department

In addition to general undergraduate biology degree programs offered
at the University, students may opt to add a minor in exercise science. Among many focuses in this minor, students will learn about the human
body and how it responds to exercise and injury.

Film Studies

Communication Arts Department

To supplement your studies in the Communication Arts Bachelor’s
Degree Program, you may choose to enhance your study with a minor in
film studies. This minor improves students’ abilities to both interpret
and analyze critical elements within films.

Franciscan Studies

Theology Department

In addition to Franciscan University’s Priestly Discernment Program
and Theology Bachelor’s Degree Program, the University also offers a
minor in Franciscan Studies. A wonderful complement to the
aforementioned programs, the Franciscan Studies minor enhances students’
understanding of the work of St. Francis of Assisi and the overall
Franciscan religious movement.


Classics Department

An education centered within the Classics Bachelor’s Degree Program
provides students with a strong understanding of both Greek and Latin
languages and literature. For a tighter focus on Greek culture, you may
consider adding a Greek minor, which provides a more in-depth study of
ancient Greek barbarism.

Human Life Studies

Humanities Department

For those students who enjoy learning from a large variety of study
areas and are intrigued by world social problems, the Humanities
Department provides a Human Life Studies minor. This minor covers topics
affecting numerous areas of our lives, including: marriage and family
life, economic justice, social justice and more.

Latin, Classical

Classics Department

The Classics program provides students with knowledge of both Greek
and Latin languages and literature.  For those students whose interests
lean more strongly towards Latin literature and culture, a Classical
Latin minor, which provides a more in-depth study of Latin, may be

Latin, Ecclesiastical

Classics Department

The Classics program presents a well-rounded look at Greek and Latin
languages and literature.  For students interested more in Medieval
Latin and/or liturgy, an Ecclesiastical Latin minor, which provides a
more in-depth study of Latin and Christian humanism, may be ideal.

Legal Studies

Political Science Department

The Legal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic minor that gives students an introduction to the law and legal research. It can help prepare those bound for law school by introducing them to the different fields of law and the basics of doing legal research and writing.

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