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    Billy Valentine

    Class of 2009

    Majors: Legal studies

    One of the most memorable moments of Billy Valentine’s career happened at the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., while he was advocating for the implementation of a 20-week limit on abortions.

    “They actually showed an ultrasound of my second son, who was 20 weeks at the time, during the debate on the House floor,” says Valentine ’09, the director of Policy and Programs for the pro-life Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List. The House voted to support the limit.

    Fighting the pro-life battle comes naturally for Billy, whose parents were very active in the pro-life movement.

    “We were inundated in politics,” he remembers, and that exposure helped set the course for his future. In high school, he began interning at the SBA List, whose mission is to promote the election of pro-life leaders—especially women—and to pass laws that save lives.

    At Franciscan, Billy majored in legal studies, with a minor in human life studies: an ideal segue into full-time pro-life political activism. During college, he continued to intern at the SBA List, as well as campaigning for pro-life representatives Senator Sam Brownback and Congressman Chris Smith.

    “The Legal Studies Department is great at encouraging students to get real, hands-on experience through internships,” he says, adding that the University also helped broaden his political development by bringing Senator Brownback, the SBA List, and others to speak on campus.

    Since taking his position at the SBA List, Billy Valentine has been involved in several high-profile legislative fights on abortion, including a victory in defunding abortion provider Planned Parenthood of over seven million taxpayer dollars.

    Victories like this, he says, are grounded in the kind of education Franciscan offers.

    “You can’t learn about U.S. law or how to change it for the better without having a solid foundation in the natural law,” he says. “You’re most likely not going to hear anything about natural law at a secular university; you’re not going to have that strong foundation that you get at Franciscan.”

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