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  • A Bachelors plus MBA in five years

    The Department of Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics offers a special arrangement for Franciscan University students who receive an early admission to our Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. They have the possibility of reducing by one trimester the time needed to complete the MBA degree with an additional savings in tuition. They can complete the course work for the MBA with only one year of further course work beyond the bachelor's degree. Students are allowed to take up to four graduate level Business courses for a total of 12 credit hours and to apply these courses both toward the completion of their undergraduate degrees and their MBA degrees. The tuition for the four graduate courses is the normal tuition for undergraduate courses.

    This program is not only available to Business, economics, and Accounting students, but also to other undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Business. All students who apply for the MBA 4 + 1 Program must have a 3.0 quality point average, have completed specific Accounting, Business and Economics courses, and be in the second semester of their junior years. Interested students should consult with the Director of the MBA Program for specific details.

    For more information contact Professor Joseph Zoric at (740) 284-5801 or email him at

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