Reporting an Emergency or Crime

If this is an emergency, dial 911

On-campus emergency line: 6911

Emergency Assistance Call Boxes (located throughout campus) provide
immediate connection to Campus Security Dispatch. Dispatch may also be
reached in person at the Assisi Heights Community Center or through
security guards patrolling campus. In response to a call, FUS will take
the required action, dispatching a security guard.

Non-Emergency Situations

Prompt and accurate reporting of criminal offenses safeguards the
campus community and aids in providing a timely response as well as
timely warning notices to the community when appropriate. Prompt and
accurate reporting also assists in compiling accurate campus crime
statistics. FUS community members and guests are encouraged to report
all crimes, suspicious activity and public safety related incidents in
an accurate and timely manner to FUS Security, local law enforcement
authorities or FUS employees who have been identified as Campus Security
Authorities (identified below).

Campus Security

Campus security officials will offer assistance in contacting local
authorities and will cooperate with any criminal investigation that may
result. As required, Campus Security will report information to other
FUS officials for appropriate handling, investigation, and disposition.

Local Law Enforcement Authorities (Steubenville and Jefferson County):


  • Steubenville Police: 740-283-6090


  • Steubenville Police – 740-282-5353
  • Jefferson County Sherriff – 740-283-8600

Campus Security Authorities

Individuals on campus may also report crimes to a designated campus security authority (CSA):

  • Vice President of Student Life
    J.C. Williams Center
  • Assistant Vice President of Student Life/
    Deputy Title IX Coordinator
    J.C. Williams Center
  • Director of Athletics
    Finnegan Fieldhouse
  • Athletic Manager of Compliance and Facilities
    Finnegan Fieldhouse
  • Assistant Director of Residence Life
    J.C.Williams Center
  • Title IX Coordinator
    Starvaggi Hall
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Egan Hall

These designated individuals have significant responsibility for
student and campus activities. They are provided notice by FUS as to
the extent of their responsibility as well as how to report crimes to
Campus Security and/or other campus officials for appropriate handling,
investigation, and disposition.


Statistical crime reporting required by the Clery Act does not
include personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable
information regarding victims of sexual assault and other forms of
sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or other
crimes will not be publicly released except where required by law or
court order. Personally identifiable student information is protected
by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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