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  • Academic Affairs

    Dr. Regina Boerio Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5360

    Dr. David Burton Director of Academic Effectiveness
    Egan Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5276

    Dr. Katherine E. Calabria Director for the Advancement of Excellence in Teaching
    Egan Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5330

    Ms. Anne DelFiandra Secretary, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5360

    Ms. Ann E. Dulany Director, Advising and Academic Operations
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5262

    Mrs. Tina Greathouse Director, Student Academic Support Services
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5358

    Mrs. Nicole Hough Secretary, School of Professional Programs
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5792

    Mrs. Amy Leoni Director, St. John Paul II Library
    St. John Paul II Library | (740) 284-7214

    Dr. Christin Jungers Dean, School of Professional Programs
    St. Joseph Center | (740) 284-5792

    Dr. Daniel Kempton Chief Academic Officer
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 283-6228

    Dr. Daniel Kuebler Dean, School of Natural and Applied Science
    ss. Cosmas & Damian Hall | (740) 284-5264

    Dr. Cory Maloney Dean, Online Programming
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 283-6944

    Ms. Sharon Mathieu Secretary, School of Theology & Philosophy
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5320

    Ms. Rosalie Granato Secretary, School of Natural & Applied Sciences
    S.S. Cosmas & Damian Hall | (740) 284-5264

    Mrs. Brianne Orr Administrative Assistant, Chief Academic Officer
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 283-6228

    Dr. Paul Symington Dean, School of Theology and Philosophy
    Egan/Stafford Hall | (740) 284-5320
Academically Excellent Passionately Catholic

1235 University Boulevard

Steubenville, Ohio 43952

(740) 283-3771


Franciscan University of Steubenville is no ordinary university, and a Franciscan education is no ordinary education. Rather, it's an education as rigorous and demanding as it is faithful--an education that challenges you intellectually, forms you professionally, and feeds you spiritually.


You can help Franciscan lead the way in providing a faithfully Catholic education!