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  • The Communication Arts Department at Franciscan University of Steubenville provides students with excellent preparation for a career in radio and television broadcasting, journalism, multimedia, religious communication, audio production, desktop publishing, web design, graphic design, public relations, cinema, advertising, corporate and industrial communications, or graduate study in mass communication. The program leading to the bachelor of arts degree with a major in communication arts (journalism, multimedia, or radio/television) emphasizes both theoretical understanding and practical application of mass media skills in contemporary society. Along with a liberal arts background, the Communication Arts Program is designed to:

    1. help develop graduates with the knowledge and artistic skills necessary to pursue a professional career in the broadcast and recording industries, multimedia, journalism, or related fields;
    2. provide a base for a wide range of practical experiences in mass media; and
    3. provide appropriate preparation for graduate study in radio/television, multimedia or journalism.

    In addition to course work, students can gain hands-on experience through the Troubadour, the campus newspaper; Franciscan Effect 88.3 FM/, the campus carrier current radio station; Franciscan University Presents, the university’s EWTN television program; or through various online communication opportunities.

    Students who plan a career in communication arts must have a broad education based on the humanities and social sciences; understand the social, political, and economic roles of the mass media in society; have excellent writing and reasoning skills; and be proficient in professional communications techniques.

  • The Core Curriculum

    This Core Curriculum "reflects our ongoing commitment to academic excellence and the integration of faith and reason. Based on the Western intellectual tradition, our Franciscan educational heritage, and the Catholic mission of Franciscan University, the new core purposefully exposes our students to more of the fundamental knowledge and critical authors they need to become well-educated Catholics" —Father Terence Henry, TOR, chancellor of Franciscan University of Steubenville

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