The study of foreign languages is an important element of an education in the liberal arts, vital today for any student who seeks fruitful interaction in a rapidly evolving and interconnected global culture, but especially for the student educated in the Catholic and Franciscan tradition. Foreign language study is an important discipline for refining one’s communication skills, improving clarity of thought and expression, and enhancing the knowledge and use of one’s native language. It fosters the mental flexibility required in an ever-changing workplace environment. Learning a second language expands one’s cultural awareness and lessens dependence on stereotypical expressions and formulaic rea- soning. Knowing a foreign language deepens an education in the humanities, rendering more vivid the student’s knowledge of history, geography, philosophy, literature, and the fine arts. Above all, the acquisition of a second language engages the individual on the path of responsible citizenship in the world community, encouraging foreign travel and exploration of foreign cultures, essential elements of a truly liberating education.

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