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  • From the Summer 2013 issue of Franciscan Way Magazine

    3+2 = Engineering

    Notre Dame, Dayton, and Gannon now partner with Franciscan to offer engineering dual degree programs.

    Employers recently ranked engineering second highest among the most in-demand bachelor degrees (NACE, January 2013 Salary Survey), and the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that the number of engineering jobs will increase by more than 11 percent by 2018. In addition, engineering majors recently ranked among the top 10 highest paid at the bachelor’s degree level (NACE, January 2013 Salary Survey).

    Job statistics such as these have driven an increasing demand for an engineering major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. In fall 2013, Franciscan will begin meeting that demand through its new Engineering Dual Degree Program. The program allows students to take mathematics, science, pre-engineering, and liberal arts courses at Franciscan then finish their engineering studies at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Dayton, or Gannon University, earning a degree from Franciscan and a degree from the partner university.

    “At Franciscan University, we aggressively strive to raise our level of academic excellence, so we’re excited that the new engineering major will draw more top students to the University,” says Dr. Daniel Kempton, vice president for Academic Affairs. “Here, they will not only take fundamental courses for the engineering degree but the faithful Catholic theology and philosophy courses for which Franciscan is so well known.”

    Kempton also notes that “students who successfully complete our requirements will then enjoy guaranteed admission” into engineering programs at the partner universities. 

    The 3+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program with Notre Dame in civil, mechanical, or aerospace engineering requires three years at Franciscan and then two years at Notre Dame’s School of Engineering. Students finish with a bachelor’s degree from each university.

    The 2+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program gives students two years at Franciscan and two years at Gannon or Dayton. Through the program with Gannon, students earn an associate degree from Franciscan and a bachelor of science in biomedical, electrical, computer, environmental, mechanical, or software engineering from Gannon. With the Dayton program, they graduate with an associate degree from Franciscan and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Dayton

    Joel Recznik MA ’87, vice president of Enrollment, explains that Franciscan’s engineering students can have the best of both worlds.

    “They will begin their engineering studies with an experience of Franciscan’s excellent academics, vibrant student life, and faith-filled culture. With that solid foundation, they can easily transfer into cutting-edge engineering programs at Notre Dame, Gannon, or Dayton.”

    Recznik says engineering was the number one major sought by prospective students that was not previously offered among Franciscan’s 41 undergraduate majors.

    “We want to be of service to the Church and the world. With so many students looking for a degree in engineering, we decided to create the 3+2 and 2+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program by partnering with established Catholic institutions that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology—the gold standard of engineering accreditation—and that have programs recognized for excellence by U.S. News & World Report,” Recznik says.

    The University of Notre Dame College of Engineering, he points out, has earned a reputation as one of the premiere engineering schools in the United States with close to 98 percent of its engineering students passing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, far above the 74 percent national average. 

    Similarly, the University of Dayton School of Engineering offers a program with strong ties to General Electric, Honda, and Boeing, and unparalleled research opportunities with the University of Dayton Research Institute and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

    Gannon’s Engineering Program, ranked among the 2013 “Best in Undergraduate Engineering” by U.S News & World Report, touts an outstanding faculty, a cutting-edge curriculum, and advanced laboratories. 

    “Building on the academic and faith formation at Franciscan University and the engineering strengths of our partner schools, our graduates will be uniquely prepared to help meet the growing demand for engineers in the United States,” Recznik says. “Whether they start careers at General Electric, Bayer Corporation, or other noteworthy companies, or they seek higher degrees at Caltech, Harvard, or MIT, they will bring the competitive advantage of a Franciscan education united in faith and reason.” 


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