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    The Franciscan Institute for Science and Health (FISH) is an initiative of Franciscan University of Steubenville with a mission to provide real-world experience and hands-on training to every Franciscan undergraduate science major and Engineering Dual-Degree student.

    This exciting initiative stems from our desire to more fully prepare our science and engineering  students. FISH takes them beyond the educational basics of a traditional college education to a more complete understanding of future career choices and opportunities based on personal experience. This initiative provides a unique educational experience and differentiates our graduates as they head out into the world.

    FISH, an institute of Franciscan University launched in the Spring 2013, a not for profit organization, is designed to seek out, to develop, to promote, and to financially help sustain undergraduate internship, research, and professional educational opportunities. The organization is co-directed by Dr. Daniel Kuebler and Dr. Jeffrey J. Rohde and is modeled after the Franciscan Institute for World Health but with a broader mission and scope. FISH is designed to support advanced, undergraduate, educational experiences for Franciscan students across all of the sciences and engineering programs.

    With FISH, Franciscan has taken yet another step forward in its aspiration to further increase and elevate the impact Franciscan graduates have in the world.  By providing additional preparation and support for students pursuing careers in science, engineering, and medicine, FISH has already started making a difference.  During the summer of 2017, twenty-one Franciscan undergraduates benefitted from FISH-supported experiences that span from coast to coast. Since its inception in 2013, more than 100 Franciscan undergraduates have participated in FISH-sponsored summer research programs both on and off campus.

    For more information about FISH and/or how you can get involved, please check back to this webpage periodically for updates and/or contact Scott Greve, director of Development, at


    Rohde, Jeffrey Fish

    Dr. Jeffrey J. Rohde

    Professor, Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
    Co-Director, FISH, and Director, FIWH


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    As a Harvard graduate and medicinal chemist for nearly 13 years, Dr. Jeffrey Rohde came to Franciscan to teach Organic Chemistry in 2009. From the start, he had plans and the idea to also accomplish something else: he wanted to pass on his passion for basic research to his students. Today, after successfully launching the Franciscan Institute for World Health in 2010, he has also helped to found the Franciscan Institute for Science and Health with a broader mission and goal to provide similar real-world and hands-on experiences for all Franciscan science majors and Engineering Dual-Degree students. 


    kuebler fish

    Dr. Daniel Kuebler

    Professor and Chair, Biology Department
    Co-Director, FISH


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    Dr. Daniel Kuebler, professor of Biology, chair of the Department of Biology, and co-director of FISH, has spearheaded the new Regenerative Medicine program at Franciscan. With a PhD in molecular and cell biology, he mentors students every semester wishing to do research in the field of Regenerative Medicine, researching the potential uses of human adipose tissue to harvest adult stem cells to treat knee osteoarthritis. Dr. Kuebler is also conducting research with seizure disorders such as epilepsy.


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