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The Mission of Franciscan University Press

Franciscan University Press publishes outstanding works of scholarship and artistry in the general areas of the intersection of science and faith, the intersection of philosophy and Christian theology, Catholic studies with an emphasis on Franciscanism, and biblical theology.

Crede, intellige, dilige.

These words express the heart of Franciscan University Press, for they sum up in many respects the aims of the Western intellectual tradition, and in a special manner the Franciscan strands of that tradition. Believe, understand, love. The books we publish, although not necessarily theological in nature, acknowledge faith as a source of understanding, expressed so well in St. Augustine’s pithy formula, crede ut intelligas, and St. Anselm’s adaptation of it, credo ut intelligam. Our aim is to make available outstanding works which can move our readers to deeper understanding. Understanding is its own end, but at the same time provides an invitation for those who possess it to move toward greater love for God and others.

Franciscan University Press is distributed by The Catholic University of America Press.

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