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    MS in Education

    The MS in Education requires 36 hours of coursework, which includes nine hours in philosophical studies, educational research, and a master's project.

    An additional concentration of 15 hours focus on curriculum, human development, computers, models of teaching, and school and society. The final 12 hours are electives, which may correspond to a student's particular area of interest or may be diversified to broaden the student's perspective of the educational system.

    MS in Educational Administration

    Completion of the MS in Educational Administration requires 36 hours of coursework and includes 15 hours in philosophical studies, research methodology, field experience, and a master's project.  Eighteen hours in school leadership courses round out the curriculum.

    After completing the MS in Educational Administration, individuals may seek state licensure as a principal or administrative specialist by completing an additional 15 hours of coursework. Individuals may also obtain a superintendents license by completing 30 total hours beyond the initial 36 hours of MS Educational Administration requirements. State licensure requirements also include passage of state tests and experience working in an educational setting.

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