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  • Degree Programs and Licensures

    Student asking QuestionsFranciscan University of Steubenville offers a variety of post-baccalaureate and post graduate licensures in addition to its two graduate degrees in education:

    Graduate Degrees
    • Master of Science in Education 
    • Master of Science in Educational Administration 
    Licensure Programs 
    • Post-baccalaureate Initial Teaching Licensure 
    • Post-graduate Administrative Licensure

    Graduate Programs Details

    Both programs share the same organizing theme - developing educators who possess leadership abilities and qualities.  With these skills, educational administrators and master teachers can anticipate, cope with, respond to, or initiate change effectively in the school system.

    The MS in Education prepares educators to be master teachers and leaders by emphasizing curriculum, instruction, leadership, and the classroom environment. Through team teaching and interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaboration, participants in the program strengthen their intellectual, interpersonal, and spiritual growth. Educators are encouraged to develop an educational philosophy and curriculum responsive to students' changing needs.

    The MS in Educational Administration prepares leaders by sharpening independent thought, knowledge in academic fields, and interpersonal, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Graduates meet the requirements for a supervisor's certificate for grades K-12 and may take additional courses for certification as a high school or elementary principal, assistant superintendent, or superintendent.

    Licensure Programs Details

    Initial Teaching Licensure

    It is possible to obtain an initial teaching license simultaneously with your Master’s degree coursework. Upon acceptance to the program, your advisor will evaluate your undergraduate transcripts to determine what courses are necessary to obtain your initial license. If a course is offered on both a graduate and undergraduate level, you must take the graduate level course. Many of these courses will also count toward your Master’s degree in Education.

    Licensure areas include the following:
    • Intervention Specialist
    • Pre-K-3
    • Middle School: Math/Social Studies; Math/Science; Math/Language Arts; Social Studies/Science; Social Studies/Language Arts; Science/Language Arts.
    • AYA Integrated Language Arts
    • AYA Biology
    • AYA Social Studies
    • AYA Chemistry
    • AYA Math

    Additional license/endorsement – If you hold an existing teaching license, you will be able to add an additional teaching field and/or obtain a license/endorsement through the Graduate Education program. Your advisor will evaluate all graduate and undergraduate transcripts to determine the courses necessary for the additional license and/or endorsement.

    Continuing Education – If you currently hold a teaching license, you may take the continuing education coursework necessary to renew your license through the Graduate Education program.

    Post-Graduate License Programs

    Students who hold a Master’s degree in Education or Educational Administration may continue coursework toward the following administrative licensure programs:

    • Professional Administrator’s license – Curriculum Instruction and Professional Development
    • Principal’s license ages 3-14
    • Principal’s license ages 8-21
    • Superintendent’s license

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