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    Come In: We're in the Lower Level of Finnegan Fieldhouse

    Here at the Wellness Center: Health Service, located on the ground floor of Finnegan Fieldhouse, our door is wide open for you. Whether you have a serious health concern or simply a curious question, our staff encourages you to call or drop by to see us. Everything that’s important to you is important to our staff.

    The Health Service: Our Mission

    We want you to think of the Health Service as the first place you seek answers to your health-related questions and concerns. Our staff of highly trained and experienced registered nurses, certified nurse practitioners, and physicians will provide you with the highest quality medical care and, when necessary, referrals for outside help.

    Our health care team strives to help students live healthy lives, and we encourage you to take part in your health care.

    What We Provide

    The Health Service offers:

    • Evaluation and treatment of colds, flu, allergies, injuries, and common illnesses
    • Dressing changes for wounds
    • Administration of injections for medication, allergy serums, and vaccinations
    • Suture removal
    • Ear irrigation
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Coordination of prescriptions
    • Delivery of prescriptions from Kroger and Follansbee pharmacies
    • Health care documents
    • Health awareness presentations
    • Referral to Counseling Care
    • Referrals for off-campus lab work, X-rays, and physician specialists
    • Refer to the Wellness Center webpage for information about common illnesses treated and information on illness prevention.


    There is a fee of $10 per appointment for routine office visits, plus nominal fees for vaccines, routine medical tests, and allergy injections. Fees are paid at the time of the office visit by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Please see the secretary for payment details.


    As a patient, you can be assured of confidentiality in all services. By law, no one may access your health records without your written consent.*

    *Exceptions to confidentiality provision include the following: records subpoenaed by a Court; you intend to physically harm someone; you intend to commit suicide; you are involved in a felony; a medical emergency threatens another person’s life or health; there is evidence that you have been involved in abusing a child, elderly person, or a person with mental retardation; or spousal abuse/neglect.

    Our Staff

    Note that while the staff will aim to meet as many of your needs as possible, we do not have the same capacities as a full-service clinic, doctor’s office, or emergency room. If we cannot meet your needs in our office, you will be referred off campus for treatment, including physician specialists, diagnostic tests, lab work, and X-rays. You will be financially responsible for expenses incurred for these services.

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