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    Ten percent off for HSC members! 

    Twenty percent of Franciscan University of Steubenville students comes from a homeschool background. Beginning in Fall 2017, select undergraduate courses will be available entirely online, making it possible for high school juniors and seniors with a GPA above 2.4 to earn college credit from Franciscan before graduating from high school!

    Even better yet, through a new partnership with, members of HSC get a 10 percent discount when they enroll in select Franciscan University undergraduate courses during their junior and senior years of high school!

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    Courses Available

    Courses Available for Summer 2019:

     Courses Available for Fall 2019:

    Courses Available Spring 2020:

    Courses Available for Summer 2020:


    More courses will be offered as they become available online. Students may enroll in up to two courses each semester for a total of 12 courses.

    Tuition for Undergraduate Online Coursework

    Regular Price:

    • $300 per credit hour
    • $900 per 3-hour course. 

    With a membership: 

    • $270 per credit hour
    • $810 per 3-hour course

    How to Apply

    Admissions counselor Vicky Kubicz is eager to help with any questions you have. Call her at 740-284-5863 or email her at Or you can start the online application today!

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