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  • Household Life

    Celebrating 40 Years

    In December 1974, Father Michael Scanlan, TOR, newly named president of the then-College of Steubenville, announced that the College would be adopting “a new policy of ‘household’ as the basic principle of residential living.” While household membership is no longer mandatory, today nearly two-thirds of all students who graduate joined a household. These Spirit-led men’s and women’s groups of three or more students share a common vision (a covenant) as a faith-based community that includes prayer and evangelistic service to the poor.

    Ever Ancient, Ever New

    While some attributes have changed over the decades, households now are still as Father Mike intended them to be: small Christian communities imitating those of the first century, especially as found in Scripture, of people not necessarily related who live and/or gather in a common location for prayer, growing in the Christian life, and living it out in charity to their neighbors and beyond.

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  • The Development of Households

    tickerhoof, fr. david
    Fr. David Tickerhoof, who was involved in student life here on campus during the 70s and 80s as Household Life was established, tells about the beginning.
  • 40th Anniversary of Households

    Plow, Fr. Gregory, TOR, homily thumb
    Father Gregory Plow, TOR, director of Pastoral Ministry for Residence Life, gives the homily at the Mass to open the year of celebrations for the 40th anniversary of Household Life here at Franciscan University.
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