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    Dr. Cory Maloney

    Associate Professor of Business Information Systems, Director of Online Programming and Instructional Design

    About Dr. Maloney

    I still find it incredible that God guided me to Franciscan University. While I did not go to school here, I always wanted to work where I can fully immerse myself in the mission of the institution and become a key part of extending the fruit of that mission.

    I was first introduced to Franciscan University when my wife, Suzanne, and I were just married. We led the youth ministry program at our parish in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and beginning in 2002, we brought our youth group to the Steubenville Youth Conferences.

    After earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I began teaching part-time at Carlow University in Pittsburgh and another community college until I earned a faculty position in Carlow’s Business Department. I love teaching—it is my passion.

    As I continued teaching, I was also working on my doctorate in science in information systems and communications at Robert Morris University. Between family, work, and school, I would usually pull two all-nighters per week to keep up with my family life and work load. It was a sacrifice, but sometimes you just have to do it!

    When I first arrived at this “Catholic utopia,” Tom Weishaar, Franciscan University’s online enrollment manager, and I consecrated the online efforts of the University to Mary Undoer of Knots because of all of the “knots” we were stumbling upon. Since then, the online programs have just been exploding. I would love to see this all from space and see how much Mary has blessed everything.

    I love the community that exists around Franciscan as well as on campus. I know my faith has really blossomed since I arrived here, and it has also been good for my wife and our five children to be immersed in this vibrant community. It has been wonderful to have other families with whom we can fellowship.

    Cory Maloney is an Associate Professor of Business Information Systems and the director of Online Programming and Instructional Design at Franciscan University. He also teaches courses in business and communications, and owns an IT consulting business. Maloney holds a PhD in science in information systems and communications.

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