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  • New Student Orientation

    August 23-25, 2018

    Welcome to Franciscan University of Steubenville! Over the next few months each of you will experience many transitions, and the Student Life staff at Franciscan University is prepared to support new students as they begin this new phase of life. Franciscan University recognizes that “its ultimate purpose is to graduate men and women who are able to take a mature, responsible approach to life.” As a Catholic institution we recognize that this approach to life is ultimately about students conforming their minds, hearts, and actions to the mind, heart, and life of Christ through growth in virtue and holiness. To this end Student Life, especially the Residence Life staff, is committed to fostering a culture of ongoing conversion leading to Christian maturity.

    New Students

    Many life lessons are learned in the residence halls. These lessons can be opportunities for growth and conversion. Students will face new challenges as they learn to manage schedules, handle conflict, live in community, and resolve issues that are part of daily life. Some students will experience “growing pains” as they navigate these transitions. The staff will support them by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions, communicate effectively, and work through issues as they arise. Achieving self-responsibility is one of the most important things that a student learns on the road to Christian maturity.


    We hope that you will partner with the Student Life staff by supporting your student in mastering this important task. Your student is moving from dependence to interdependence: sometimes this can be more difficult for the parent than the student. As parents we may be used to “fixing” things for our children. Growth in Christian maturity requires that your student grow in self -responsibility. They need your encouragement, support and advice as they learn this important lesson, but generally, it is counterproductive to “fix” things for them. You can help them grow in maturity by allowing them to deal with day to day concerns: encourage them talk to the professor, contact the Wellness Center, or take responsibility for the consequences of an action. Please don’t do it for them. There are many people available to support and help them along the way. We are here to help your student develop into a healthy, responsible adult. Every time a student accepts responsibility to resolve an issue or correct a behavior, a small step on the path to Christian maturity occurs.

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