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    loyalty, honor, prayer, service, joy, and, most of all, love

    As a part of the Priestly Discernment Program, you'll participate in one of our households where you’ll develop the strong bonds of Christian brotherhood so necessary for a man in discernment. 

    Daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, eucharistic adoration, guided holy hours, small-group sharing, formation conferences, and apostolic and liturgical ministries: these activities and more help our men to grow as brothers and servants of God's people as they discern our Lord's call in their lives.

    We have two households...

    Living Stones

    StonesUpon entry into the Program, new students enter the LIVING STONES household as they begin to discern God's call and to foster a deeper personal and communal spiritual life. Because of their love for Jesus Christ, they agree to live together in brotherhood and to engage in a program of spiritual formation geared towards helping them become more attentive to the voice of God in their lives. For our younger men, this is a prerequisite before entrance into the more advanced household, Koinonia. 
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    HostUpper classmen or men with prior spiritual formation enter KOINONIA household. “Koinonia” is a Greek word indicating a “brotherhood of believers.” Men in Koinonia have moved to a deeper level in their commitment to God’s call and are now discerning in what manner they are being invited to live out that calling. Whether discerning the ministerial priesthood or life as a consecrated brother, each man in this household is committed to the service of God’s people through the Holy Roman Catholic Church. 
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