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    Colosseum Books is an annual series of volumes of new poetry and poetry criticism that exhibit spiritual and intellectual depth and an understanding of verse as a craft guided by enduring tradition, metrical rigor, and a commitment to the well-made thing. Each Colosseum book will be published by the Franciscan University at Steubenville Press. 

    In the ancient world, the civilizational achievements of Rome were transformed and leavened by the spirit of Christianity. The Colosseum stood as a symbol of the struggle and suffering such a new birth entailed, but also of final victory and union, as Christendom emerged to take possession of the treasures of Athens and Jerusalem with Rome as its spiritual capital. In the modern age, the English writer Christopher Dawson edited the review Colosseum as a forum for the Catholic intellectual world to engage contemporary arts and culture. In its pages such great minds as Dawson, Jacques Maritain, and E.I. Watkin studied and discussed the literary achievement of T.S. Eliot, Sigrid Undset, and other writers of the Catholic literary revival and beyond. 

    In such a spirit of struggle and revival, transformation and synthesis, we propose to publish important new books by contemporary poets worthy of the serious reader’s attention. The volumes will be at once works of humility and ambition, of craft and spirit, by authors attentive to the workmanlike responsibilities of the artist and to the classical understanding of the fine arts as occasions of epiphany and beauty. They will remind us of the true scope of the intellect, the great drama of human life, the discipline and dedication of serious work, and the great destiny of the human person. 

    Authors are invited to send manuscripts to

    Manuscripts should include: a title page with author contact information, table of contents, and poems following, with each new poem starting a new page. A page of acknowledgments and author biography should be included at the end, as appropriate. Manuscripts normally may run from 50 to 100 pages. Manuscripts should be formatted in keeping with good grammar and prosody conventions. Our annual reading period runs from June-August; manuscripts submitted outside that timeframe will not be considered. 

    Colosseum Books expects to publish one new volume per year and to build a list that responds to the challenges of the hour and which reflects the beauty of the eternal.

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