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  • Residence Halls

    Standard room size in the residence halls are approximately 10’x14’, while triple rooms (St. Junipero Serra Hall only) are larger. Each room is furnished with one each of the following for each resident: twin-size bed, desk with bookshelf, desk chair, wardrobe with storage space above, and a towel rack. Each room also has a mirror and drapes.

    What to bring

    You may wish to make arrangements with your roommate for items denoted with a star (*).

    • Bathroom Needs:
      Two sets of bath towels, face towels, wash cloths, toothbrush, small bucket or other container to carry shower necessities to the bathroom, shower shoes, other shower items (soap, shampoo, etc.), hairdryer.
    • Room Needs:
      Blankets, sheets for an extra long twin sized bed (note: some beds on campus are standard twin sized.  Extra long twin sheets will fit a standard size twin bed, but standard sheets will not fit an extra long mattress.), pillow, pillow cases, bedspreads, alarm clock, waste basket, desk lamp, extension cords and surge protectors, clothes hangers, room decorations and posters, calendar, stamps, stationery.
    • Academic Needs:
      notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, backpack for books, stapler, tape, paper clips, thumb tacks, sticky tack.
    • Personal Needs:
      Summer and winter clothes, dress clothes, casual clothes, comfortable walking shoes, raincoat, umbrella, robe, slippers, laundry bag, detergent, spot remover, fabric softener, watch.
    • Nice, But Not Necessary:
      Fan for non-AC rooms*, floor rug (10x12 feet or smaller; not needed in St. Junipero Serra Hall, in which the rooms are carpeted)*, hot pot (UL approved**), desktop computer*, swim suit and beach towel, small dorm-sized refrigerator (UL approved**)*, small microwave (UL approved**)*, iron (ironing boards are available in each residence hall).

    Summer Storage

    No personal belongings can be stored in the residence halls over the summer. If you wish to store items rather than take them all home there are many self-storage facilities available in and around Steubenville.

    What not to bring

    • Candles or incense
    • Pets (other than fish, which is limited to one 10-gallon aquarium per room)
    • Framed wall hangings that cannot be fastened with sticky tack or 3M Command Strips (note: if these damage the wall when removed a damage fee will be incurred)
    • Toasters or toaster ovens
    • Air fryers
    • Electric pressure cookers
    • Other personal grills (e.g. George Foreman-type grills)
    • Hot plate cookers, or any open-coil cooking or heating appliances
    • Crock pots
    • Halogen lamps
    • Sun lamps
    • Air conditioners
    • Electric blankets
    • Firearms or other weapons or explosives

    * You may want to coordinate with your roommate to see who would bring these items.

    ** What is "UL Approved"? Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (c) is a trusted source for consumers to ensure that the electronics they are purchasing meet public safety standards. The "UL" mark on a product means that UL has tested and evaluated representative samples of that product and determined that they meet UL's requirements. You can find these marks prominently displayed on the packaging of the items indicated above. For more information on the UL mark on suggested products, please visit their website at

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