Summer Ancient and Biblical Languages Institute

Read the ancient writers in their own words.

Experience immersion in the ancient texts.

Earn 12 credits in one summer.

The Summer Ancient and Biblical Languages Institute at Franciscan University offers intensive courses in Latin, ancient Greek, and Biblical Hebrew in ten and five week programs during the University’s summer sessions. Summer Intensive Latin and Summer Intensive Greek are designed to provide students with the ability to read a variety of ancient and/or Biblical texts with the assistance of appropriate tools. Summer Biblical Hebrew is designed to provide a solid introductory course in the basics of the language. These courses assume no prior knowledge of Latin, Greek, or Hebrew.


Students applying to the Institute should be able to demonstrate, through a record of past academic work, intellectual ability and work habits sufficient in the judgment of the Admissions Committee to complete successfully the language course in which they intend to enroll.

Who Should Spend the Summer with Us?

Franciscan University’s Summer Sessions present the opportunity to do serious work in the Christian environment which uniquely defines the character of all the University’s undertakings. To the Institute, therefore, we invite:

  • Qualified high school seniors about to enter Franciscan University or another college who want to get a head start on their study of ancient or Biblical languages.
  • Qualified undergraduates who desire to learn Latin and ancient Greek in an efficient and effective way without spending four college semesters.
  • Qualified graduate students who need to prepare to pass Latin and Greek reading examinations.
  • Qualified students who wish to begin an introduction to Biblical Hebrew.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn one of the languages of the Summer Ancient and Biblical Language Institute and is qualified to do the work.
  • Applicants should be aware that studying in the Summer Ancient and Biblical Languages Institute, especially in the Summer Intensive Latin and Greek sequences, requires a serious commitment to full time daily study and consistent hard work.
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