How to Apply for Aid

  1. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Complete it online.
    (Franciscan University’s school code is 003036.) This is the most
    important step in completing your financial aid request.
    It is the basis
    for federal and institutional aid that will be offered. We advise you
    to utilize the IRS data retrieval tool within the FAFSA.
  2. Review the SAR (Student Aid Report). Once you
    complete the FAFSA the Department of Education will mail or email you
    the results along with messages and possibly errors that need corrected
    in a report called the Student Aid Report.
  3.  Complete the Verification process (if required). Once you complete the FAFSA the Department of Education may select you for Verification. If you are a dependent student you must include your parents’ income information.
  4. Respond to your Financial Aid Award notification.
    We will begin sending the Financial Aid Award letters via email to new
    students who have completed their FAFSA at the end of February. Follow
    the instructions in the email to view and respond to the award.Returning Students receive an email indicating their award is completed. These are sent beginning in mid-March. The award can then be checked at MyFranciscan.
  5. Notify Financial Aid of any outside scholarships.
    If you receive a scholarship through your high school or another outside
    organization please send us a copy of the letter with the amount you
    will receive and from whom you will receive it. We will add this to your
    financial aid and count it as a payment received to cover your balance
    due even before the funds are received.
  6. You will receive your Fall Bill around Mid May to Early June.
    Spring Bills are mailed around the end of November. Please review your
    bill for accuracy, make sure you have full time charges if you are a
    full time undergraduate. Waitlisted classes may not show up on your
    bill. If you do not receive a bill please contact Student Accounts to
    check the status of your account.
  7. Set up a Monthly Payment Plan, apply for a PLUS loan or an Alternative loan. If you have a balance due as most of our students do after receiving their bill you have payment options. Also, it is important to choose lenders from our preferred lender list — be sure to ask us about this.
  8. Check the Status of your Payment Plan, PLUS loan, or Alternative Loan.
    If your payment option includes a loan or payment plan please follow up
    with them to be sure everything is in order and they have received all
    the documents for you to meet the CYBOT date.
  9. CYBOT (Cover Your Balance On Time)
    Congratulations!!! if you have followed these steps you should have your
    balance covered by the CYBOT date and avoid any late fees or problems
    with housing. The Fall balance is due by July 15, Spring balance is due
    by December 15 and each summer session is due the first day classes
    begin for that session.

Remember that the Financial Aid staff at Franciscan University of
Steubenville is here to assist you. You can reach us at 740.283.6226
during our regular business hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30 or you
can email us at

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