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  • Strategic Planning

    The core values of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis are integral to the response of the University family to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. These values of conversion, contemplation, poverty, and minority form our Franciscan and Catholic identity and should pervade every aspect of the University.

    Franciscan University’s mission as an academically excellent and passionately Catholic institution encompasses our role as a center of evangelization that empowers for mission joyful members of the entire Franciscan University family. This is a special gift that God has especially entrusted to the Franciscan University family.


    Mission Summary

    Our mission as a Franciscan and Catholic university that embraces the call to dynamic orthodoxy is “to educate, to evangelize, and to send forth joyful disciples.”



    To become the leading instrument for worldwide renewal at the service of the Catholic Church.


    Franciscan University Charisms

    These charisms serve as expectation, guide, and measure for all members of the Franciscan University family. As a community of learners forming a culture of inquiry, these charisms assist us as we reflect upon the vital questions that guide our actions, thoughts, and words.

    Ongoing Conversion

    Daily we seek to grow closer to Jesus, asking him to transform our hearts, our minds, and our wills, so that we can love him more deeply and image him more perfectly.

    Upholding the Dignity of the Human Person

    We see every man, woman, and child—born and unborn—as the living image of God and strive to honor Our Father in Heaven by honoring one another.


    We believe we are most perfectly ourselves when we live our lives for others, giving ourselves to one another in love, just as Christ gives himself to us.

    Dynamic Orthodoxy

    We strive to live in perfect fidelity to the truth proclaimed in Scripture and Tradition, renewing each day our commitment to the God who is ever ancient and ever new.


    We proclaim the Gospel with our words and we witness to the Gospel through our actions, so that all might know and love Christ Jesus.


    We welcome Christ by opening our hearts, homes, and lives to the friend, the stranger, the lonely, the lost, the poor, and the confused.


    We delight in God’s goodness and the goodness of his creation, anticipating his loving providence in all situations.


    Strategic Themes

    1. Enhance communication and collaboration within the Franciscan University family
    2. Reflecting our primary purpose as an academic institution and our responsibility in the New Evangelization, develop Franciscan University experiences that engage learners across a lifetime of growth and development
    3. Demonstrate commitment to the University charism of Ongoing Conversion at personal, program, and institutional levels
    4. Engage in evangelization and outreach efforts to share and express the distinctive charisms of Franciscan University


    Process Updates

    • Comprehensive New Employee Onboarding Program launched in January 2016
    • University Budget Committee formed in Spring 2016
    • University Space Advisory Committee to be formed in 2016-2017
    • Online Master’s in Theology program expected to launch in 2016-2017
    • Continuance of monthly campus Holy Hours
    • University Spiritual Life Committee broadened to consider the spiritual well-being of students, faculty, and staff
    • Online campus suggestion box created and team established to review and channel suggestions as needed
    • Structured and scheduled process of program-level ongoing conversion to commence in 2016-2017
    • Joint Task Force on Student Learning Outcomes of the Core Curriculum created
    • The Inn at Franciscan Square to open in Fall 2016

    Process Leadership

    The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is composed of the following members, representing all areas of the University

    • Dr. Daniel Kempton, Academic Affairs
    • Mr. Bill Gorman, Chief Operating Officer
    • Mr. Joel Recznik, Enrollment Management
    • Mr. Brenan Pergi, Human Resources
    • Mrs. Nancy Oliver, Information Technology Services
    • Dr. James Mello, Institutional Effectiveness
    • Mrs. Kimberly Sponseller, Marketing and Communications
    • Fr. Nathan Malavolti, TOR, Pastoral Care and Evangelization
    • Fr. Sean Sheridan, TOR, President
    • Mr. David Schmiesing, Student Life


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Franciscan University of Steubenville is no ordinary university, and a Franciscan education is no ordinary education. Rather, it's an education as rigorous and demanding as it is faithful--an education that challenges you intellectually, forms you professionally, and feeds you spiritually.


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